Understanding the Pricing of the Inzalo ye Langa – African New Year Packages

With the exception of the Mbombela Local Tour package all other African New Year Inzalo ye Langa tour packages are designed to include both accommodation and the individually paid tour experience, which is paid per person participating in the tour which is not a shared cost. 

However, the accommodation cost is shared meaning that the price published for accommodation may be devisable by two for all packages except the self-catering deals which may be divided into three because those facilities take up to three people per unit.

All tour package pricing indicated must be added together including adding the total accommodation cost to the individual tour package paid per person, meaning for two people the total amount payable is the total accommodation plus the tour package price multiplied by two.  Every adult is costed separately for the tour experience.

Likewise, for the self-catering family packaged deals, the three people occupying each self-catering unit is expected to pay for their respective tour experience, making the total expected for the tour package alone, the sum total of each amount multiplied by three. Then adding the total for the accommodation for either two or three nights.

3 thoughts on “Understanding the Pricing of the Inzalo ye Langa – African New Year Packages”

  1. great event. Please do it next year as well. I would like to attend with my whole family but I only saw this very close to the date.

  2. Boniswa Mngomezulu

    Hello…. I’m a bit concerned, as I made a payment for the gold plus ticket, on the 25th August, and have not received any communication since then, and no confirmation of the payment… I’m happy to email the proof of payment. I don’t know how we are leaving, or from where, and I’m not getting through when I call. Please assist.

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